Pinjaman Perumahan OCBC


Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) Limited Housing Loan

Currently, there are two semi flexi home loan products with lock in flexibility provided by OCBC bank namely the Ideal Mortgage and the Standard Housing Loan. Whereas the Standard Housing Loan is linked to Base Rates (BR is the benchmark lending to interest rate), the Ideal Mortgage is more lenient to the Mortgage Lending Rate (MLR is the benchmark interest rate for mortgage lending). However, both the BR and MLR does not have significant different between the final pricing.

The home loan from OCBC offers 3 years holding period for loans below RM 500,000 with 4.55% interest rate while there is no lock in period given to the borrowers which loans exceed RM 500,000 with 4.50% interest rate. As there is no lock in period, the loan is free from an early settlement penalty which let the borrowers to either sell their property or refinance them while those with holding period will be charge a 3% of settlement penalty. The home loan also offers finance up to 30% of property value to refurbish or renovate any property during the home loan tenure to the borrowers. Furthermore, the borrowers can pay less interest on their loan principle whenever they make and state the capital repayment. Nevertheless, the capital repayment can only be made via cash deposit, cheque or over the counter at any OCBC branch with a minimum amount of RM 1,000 per capital repayment. The borrowers are also able to withdraw back their capital repayment of a minimum RM 5,000 with a charge of RM 10 each time.

There is also another semi flexi package provided by OCBC namely Graduated Home Loan to young working adults with a Diploma or Degree who are first time house borrowers. This home loan has a pretty low repayment at the start of the loan which gradually rises over the first 5 years in tandem with the instalments from 6th year onwards will remain till the rest of financing tenure. The borrowers can also opt for the variable pricing, flexibility of fixed or a combination of both.  All OCBC home loan packages have a margin of up to 90% for all landed properties.


The loan tenure is up to 35 years or till age 70 years old whichever comes first. The repayment systems for OCBC housing loans include online transfer, ATMs, Interbank GIRO fund transfer, standing instructions facility, desks at CIMB branches, mail or phone banking.


OCBC are expecting their borrowers to pay a withdrawal fee of RM 10 per each withdrawal, a 2% of the outstanding amount for the late penalty fee, a 2% of the remaining balance for the early settlement fee, a RM 50 redemption letter fee per request and a RM 20 for letter for EPF withdrawal fee per request.


The loan is open to all Malaysian and permanent residents who age 18 years old to 70 years old.


Customers have to provide some supporting documents in order for the bank to process the loan application like the documents listed below:

In general

  • A copy of an application form
  • A copy of NRIC or Identity Card
  • A copy of sales and purchase, letter of offer or booking receipt from the developer
  • A copy of individual title deed
  • A copy of property valuation report for completed properties

For salaried applicant

  • Latest copy of 3 consecutive months salary slips
  • Latest copy of EA Form with tax receipt or e-Be Form acknowledged by LHDN
  • Latest copy of 6 months bank statements

For self employed applicant

  • A copy of business registration certificate Form 24 and Form 29
  • Latest copy of 8 months bank statements
  • Latest copy of 2 years BE Form with tax receipt acknowledged by LHDN