Pinjaman Perumahan Maybank


Maybank Housing Loan

 Maybank provides many types of housing loans to attract customers. CurrentlyMaybank highlightsMaxiHomewhich is a flexible home loan tailored to suit customer’s needs. Customers must have a loan eligibility of up to 40% of salary and a loan margin of up to 95%.Loan tenure provided will cover up to 35 years or 70 years of age whichever is earlier. However for remortgage, refinancing and/or redraw (Term Loan) it will be up to 10 years only.


Benefits of applying for MaxiHome:

  • Flexible repayment options that take into account the present and future needs
  • Higher loan eligibility of up to 40% of the salary, compared to the norm of 1/3
  • Longer repayment period of up to 35 years or until the age of 70, whichever comes first
  • Higher loan margin of up to 95% of the value of the house (including capitalisation of related expenses such as MRTA premium)
  • Enjoy MRTA coverage, which settles your outstanding mortgage and transfers the title deed to your family in the event of death or total and permanent disability
  • Flexibility of revising monthly instalments to suit your financial situation
  • Ability to service the interest portion or have monthly instalments commence immediately instead of upon full loan disbursement
  • Easy repayment for instalment via Maybank branches, ATMs, Kawanku Phone Banking and online via
  • Overdraft facility available from as low as BLR – 1.60%

All individuals, joint applicants, residents and non-residents can apply for theMaxiHome.


MaxiHome Plus


Maybank also promotes MaxiHome Plus for properties under construction by providing a benefit of zero repayment during the construction period. Customers need not pay any amount during the construction period. However the monthly progressive interest will be capitalised into the loan amount.


Maxi Flexibility


Maxi Flexibility is applicable for houses costing RM75,000 and above only. Customers will enjoy flexible choice of facility with the option to choose from a term loan, an overdraft or a combination of both.


Under the combination option, the ratio of the term loan to overdraft is flexible and only subject to a minimum amount of RM10,000 for each facility type. Unique personal loan facility, tailored to meet personal investment needs or contingencies including children’s education or home improvements.




Required documents for housing loan application:

• NRIC / Identity Card

• Latest Valid Passport & VISA/Working Permit/Employment Pass

• Business Registration/Form 24 & 49

• Copy of Sales && Purchase or Booking Receipt or Letter of Offer from Developer

• Copy of Individual Title Deed

• Property Valuation Report (for completed properties)

• Latest 3 consecutive months salary slips/vouchers

• Latest 6 consecutive months of commission statement

• Latest EPF statements (with 3 consecutive months or more transaction history)

• Latest EA Form

• Latest 6 months Bank Statement

• Letter of Confirmation of Employment and Remuneration