Pinjaman Perumahan CIMB


Commerce International Merchant Bankers (CIMB) Housing Loan

CIMB Home Loan is one of the property loan products offers by CIMB that has conventional term and variable interest rates based on floating rate which is good for borrowers who interested in low initial repayments. The loan offers RM 15,000 which is the minimum loan amount for the product and also enables the borrowers to apply for smaller sized home loans. The CIMB Home Loan packages is capable to covers properties which have completed as well as those that are still under construction where the borrower are required to service the interest rate. The CIMB Home loan is related to the Base Rate (BR) which will cause a major risk for the borrowers as it may increase the monthly repayment. However, the borrowers could opt for the Capped Rate Home Loan that offers the borrowers a re-pricing option every 3 to 5 years without having to refinance.

CIMB Home Flexi shared the same minimum interest rate at 4.65% and the option for the Capped Rate Home Loan with CIMB Home Loan. The Home Flexi loan offers more than RM 200,000 of financial services and is characterized by high repayment flexibility which the borrowers is able to deposit or withdraw any amount of funds anytime into their current account. Another housing loan product from CIMB is My First Home Scheme which is tailored for the first time house buyers under the age of 35 that includes Shariah-compliant home loan packages for CIMB Islamic customers.

All CIMB housing loan reinstated a 3 years holding period, a margin of financing of up to 90% for the borrowers first two properties and 70% for the third and subsequent properties which subjected to credit check and CIMB approval. The borrower can also opt for the 5% finance for each zero moving cost that will go towards the inevitable MRTA and others fees comprising valuation and legal fees.


The loan tenure is up to 35 years or until the borrowers is 70 years of age whichever comes first. The repayment systems for CIMB housing loans include online transfer, ATMs, Interbank GIRO fund transfer, standing instructions facility, desks at CIMB branches, mail or phone banking.


Mainly all the housing loan packages from CIMB will charge the borrowers a rate of 1% of the outstanding amount for the late penalty fee, 2% of the remaining balance for the early settlement fee and RM 50 which subjected to 6% GST for the redemption letter fee upon request. Those who want the Home Flexi loan have to pay a RM 10 monthly maintenance fee, a onetime processing fee of RM 250 with 6% GST and RM 10 monthly fee with 6% GST.


The loan is open to all Malaysian and permanent residents including the foreigners under the Malaysia My 2nd Home plan (MM2H) age 18 years old to 70 years old. The individual must also have a minimum annual income of RM 24,000.


Customers have to provide some supporting documents in order for the bank to process the loan application like the documents listed below:

In general

  • A copy of an application form
  • A copy of NRIC or Identity Card
  • A copy of sales and purchase, letter of offer or booking receipt from the developer
  • A copy of individual title deed
  • A copy of property valuation report for completed properties

For salaried applicant

  • Latest copy of 3 to 6 consecutive months salary slips
  • Latest copy of EA Form
  • Latest copy of EPF statement that not exceeding more than 2 year

For self employed applicant

  • Latest copy of 3 to 6 consecutive months salary slip
  • Latest copy of EA Form
  • Latest copy of EPF statement that not exceeding more than 2 year
  • A copy of business registration A&D
  • Latest copy of 3 months bank statements