Pinjaman Perumahan Bank Rakyat


Bank Rakyat Home Loan

Bank Rakyat was established on 28 September 1954 under the Cooperative Ordinance 1948 (known as the Cooperative Societies Act 1993). Today, Bank Rakyat is known as one of the biggest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia.

Bank Rakyat provides many banking services which includes Home Financing for customersto fulfill their needs dreams to own a home. If Clients have a good financial background and basically not bankrupt they may apply for a home loan.

Home Financing-iManziliSelesa is the current home loan package provided to customers. The bank offers home financing packages that are well-suited with the current housing loan need which includes a competitive profit rate.

Bank Rakyat home Financing-iManziliSelesa will allow customers to own their dream home whether for own living, investment or refinancing the present home.The home financing concept is based on Murabahah a concept via Tawarruq that complies with Syariah principles.

Housing loan under Bank Rakyat is based on the concept of MurabahahKomoditi-Tawarruq with the purpose of customers to own a:

  • House Under Construction/ Building a Home on Property Development Land
  • Completed House/ Auctioned House / Subsale
  • Refinancing Present Home
  • Purchase and Redeeming Land for Housing Development
  • Purchase of Shop and Shoplot

Customers can enjoy profit rates / duration BFR Ceiling Rate + 4.00% = 10.60%.Bank Rakyat provides loan option based on the property type and value.

Here is the tentative list of the property types:

  • House under construction / Construction of a House on Development Land loan amount of RM200,000with KAP-1.70% (4.90%)
  • Completed House / Auctioned House / Subsaleloan amount of RM200,000  to RM350,000 with KAP-2.00% (4.60%)
  • Refinancing Your Present Mortgageloan amount of RM350,000  to RM500,000 with KAP-2.25% (4.35%)
  • Purchase and Redeem Land Under Developmentlaon amount of RM500,000 and above with KAP-2.40% (4.20%)

Bank provides a repayment period of up to 35 years or until the age of 65 years old, whichever comes first. The repayment period will be based on customers eligibility to easy the customer financially.

  • Shop and Shoplotwith KAP-1.50% (5.10%)

To invest in a shop and shoplot, customers can enjoy a repayment period of up to 20 years or until the age of 65 years old, whichever comes first.

Customers should take note that currently Bank Negara set the current Basic Financing Rate at 6.60%.Understanding the financing margin is also important when customers apply for loan.

For new property financing (House Under Construction/ Completed House/ Auctioned House/ Subsale/ Construction of House on Property Development Land) Bank Rakyat provides customers up to 95 % of purchase price including MRTT.Customers can also enjoy Home Refinancing of up to 85% of current market price including MRTT with the bank if customers already own a home.

Bank Rakyat also provides loan packages to customers who decide to purchase or remortgage the property and be eligible to enjoy up to 70% of purchase price based on the current market price if they plan to purchase a third house.

Customers who plan to invest in shop and shop lot can also consider Bank Rakyat for loans. Bank Rakyat provides up to 70% of purchase price including MRTT for shop and shop lot.

All home loans approvedhas a grace with holding period of 5 years. Bank provides a grace period of minimum 12 months and maximum of 36 months.

To ease repayment methods for customers, Bank Rakyat provides a few options such as:

  • Biro PerkhidmatanAngkasa (BPA)
  • Salary Deduction
  • Deduction from Savings Account
  • Post Dated Cheque
  • Standing Instruction

Customers must be not less than 18 years old at the point of application and not exceeding 65 years old.